Suit Design Software: A Perfect Blend of Technology and Fashion

People want smart and comfortable clothing, and for this, they have turned towards online shopping. With a rising inclination towards online shopping, concerns regarding fitting and quality of the product are also increasing. Therefore, brands need to offer solutions that enable customers to meet their demands. Enters our suit design tool. The customization software empowers apparel brands to trust their customer’s fashion sense and creativity and lets them design their suits in whichever way they want. The tool is designed to help brands provide digital services to their customers and entice them with its novel business solutions.  

Suit Design Software Allows Brands to Capitalize on the Digital Trends  

The latest technology is making its presence felt in various sectors, such as food & beverages, health, construction, and cosmetics. Eventually, with its inception in the fashion industry, it has successfully turned the table. 3d technology has been driving the sector by bringing in radical changes. Though the transformation was inevitable, it occurred naturally and over a long-overdue progression for the apparel industry. In fact, in a very short span, the advancement has served various benefits to the domain, such as digital files send a lot faster than a mailed package; draping virtual garments doesn’t require spending money on real fabric. As these changes came in the apparel industry, they opened new avenues for brands to explore and run their business with a smooth supply chain. Let us look at the various benefits served by 3d technology in the fashion sector. 

Here are numerous advantages apparel brands can capitalize on: 

  • Shares Data Files Easily  

As big brands have to deal with so many files and data before launching any collection, they have to understand the mood of the audience, numerous designs, and files. They are all overwhelming tasks to be performed in a short time; however, with the inception of 3d technology in the apparel sector, the brands can share so many files and data with a few clicks. And if the brands opt for a customization solution, it’s an added bonus as they don’t have to worry about the data. Customers would come to their shop or website, and from there, they can design their suits, crisp shirts, and trousers from material to buttons and cuffs. Similarly, our 3d suit designer offers a chance to capitalize on the same trend with its latest business solutions. Its digital technology enables your customer to view their designed product in 3d.  

The Madrid-born Diego Gómez-Carpintero intends to give life to his dreams through unique pieces created with 3D printing. This designer bases his work on customization, the possibilities provided by 3D printing, and the DIY world.  

  • Offers Creative Challenge  

With the onset of technology, fashion designers have been able to give shape and life to any fabric and demand put forth by buyers. Therefore, in recent times the designers were able to break the conventional norms and offer some one-of-a-kind outfits to customers. Besides, it was successful in lifting the competitive spirit among brands and designers while challenging their imagination. As a result, several fashion houses are deciding to implement these novel solutions on their website. Considering Israeli designer Noa Raviv, whose designs have been presented in the Manus x Machina and Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Her work arose from the inspiration of some digitally deformed pieces, which led her to investigate the possibility of merging reality with the virtual. 

Fashion designers are interested in investing in 3d technology to create and help customers design not just for the facility but because it challenges their creativity. Additionally, creating new apparel is unique and exciting compared to the traditional production process. Therefore, some may these trends seem to be an unstoppable trend in the fashion world.  

  • Streamlines Product Development  

The use of advanced technology in fashion technology enables brands to create apparel using digital pattern making, 3D sampling, and 3D fit via digital avatars. This technology enables fashion brands to streamline and transform product development and production process into a more efficient, increasingly more sustainable way of designing and prototyping clothing. In addition, the reduction of physical samples leads to the prevention of excessive material waste and a significant carbon footprint.  

Many significant fashion houses are using innovative technology on various technology. Tommy Hilfiger is one the pioneers as it announced that all their design process from sketching through sampling and showroom would be done with 3D design technology by 2021 and achieve 100 percent 3D apparel design process by 2022 spring collection. One must note that transformation to all digital clothing production has been an ongoing process for the past two years.  

Wrapping Up- 

From the cases presented above, it is evident that 3D technology is slowly making its place in the fashion industry, and as the technology becomes more popular and cheaper, it may well be on its way to claim a strong market share in the fashion world in the coming years. If you are willing to expand your horizons and walk down the road of new possibilities, you must implement the custom suit design software by iDesigniBuy. It is a customization solution that enables brands to capitalize on digital trends and boost their online sales.  

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