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T-shirts have always been the most popular apparel among the buyers as they fit for every occasion. They make a person stand out from the crowd with their trendy, informal, and cool looks. The icing on the cake is customization, as it allows buyers to give a personal taste to their clothes. Therefore, you might have seen that many people wear highly customized clothes and make bold fashion statements. Our best t shirt design software help brands to make the most of the current trend and inspire their audience to start their fashion trends. The tool helps apparel brands to allow their customers to feel liberated by design their clothes and flaunting personalities.  

T-Shirt Design Software

How Best t Shirt Design Software Promotes Using Customization to Boost Sales?  

In the past year, people have mostly stayed inside their home and worked remotely, and therefore, they had to opt for easy, accessible, and cool clothes. What better clothing to wear than a cool t-shirt when relaxing at home or even working (without the zoom calls). The funky clothes are becoming the de facto uniform for many fashion-conscious consumers during the pandemic. Even before the COVID-19 outbroke, people have used t-shirts to express their emotions, and designers have left no stone unturned to entice them with unique features. However, with the rising social media and customization, people are gradually becoming trendsetters themselves. Let us look at several factors that are helping brands to meet buyers’ dynamic needs.  

Here is a long list of factors promoting the use of customization to scale up business: 

  1. Expanding in the Post-Pandemic World  

Many formal wear brands anticipate that the post-pandemic world would be different as people would start going to the office. However, the reality seems slightly deviated as people have developed the habit of wearing comfortable clothes and working. They are more likely to stick with the same habit for a few more years. For example, consider the case of “Essential,” which sold more than 10,000 units of t-shirts last year and emerged as the third bestselling brand on resale platform StockX in 2020. Besides, it ranked for the first time in the top 20 hottest brands in 2020. The trend shows that people are more inclined towards buying that are easy to wear and can be donned anytime and anywhere.  

The software helps apparel manufacturers and retailers to expand their business and venture into the new domain of ecommerce with its customization and digital solutions. The tool enables your buyers to view e-catalog and design, personalize, text, and imprint their t-shirts. In the past, we have helped MP Tshirt, a Malaysian company, to scale up their online sales with our highly skilled experts and efficient customization tool.  

  • Avoiding Calendar and Rules  

Working in the fashion industry is always about displaying your creativity on fashion weeks and adhering to the rules followed by these fashion calenders. As time is changing, more brands are distancing themselves from following the regular norms and directly reaching out to their consumers. The process has allowed them to showcase their products without waiting for six months and then receiving orders.  

Everything is available on the internet, and communication is faster and better. Therefore, it is easier for brands to be accessible to their customers 24*7. Additionally, the modern-day end-users are willing to rise above the calendar culture and wear clothes that fit their mood and occasion perfectly, leaving brands no choice to listening to their buyers and delivering what they have been asked for. H&M, a leading fashion brand, is leading the race by launching Blank Staples’ Wholesale, a new format to purchase the men’s streetwear line of essentials and basics in bulk for select styles.  

  • Joining Forces to Widen Customer Reach  

Post-pandemic, every brand is trying their level best to entice and reach out to more end-users, and for this may have to join forces with other companies who hold expertise in the domain or sometimes even with the celebrities as they have wider admirers from all walks of life. For example, US clothing label Brooks Brothers and sportswear brand Fila have launched a limited-edition collection that includes apparel, footwear, and accessories for both men and women. The bands have collaborated for a limited edition of products that people can access on the website.  

The collaboration among fashion houses is a common phenomenon as it enables each of the companies to use resources, learn, and better prepare themselves for the market competition.  

The Ball is in Your Court- 

From the facts mentioned above, it is evident that the future in the fashion industry will belong to those who are willing to experiment with their business models and hear what their buyers have to say. In the coming days, buyers will gain the upper hand in the deal, and the labels that fail to provide it will fall flat. The best t shirt design software by iDesigniBuy is more than happy to help companies inclined towards embracing the changing landscape in the apparel industry. Its customization solution offers a platform to brands and enables them to understand consumers’ needs and help them in creating fashion trends.  

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