How Apparel Design Software Helps Brands to Indulge in Gender-Inclusive Fashion?

Gender-neutral or unisex products have created a lot of buzz in the fashion market for quite some time now, but retailers don’t seem to understand its concept and relevance to consumers. But with time, apparel brands are gradually catching up with the trend and coming up with various such apparel styles that will cater to these needs. Another way to deal with it is to let customers take full responsibility for what they want to wear through customization solutions. Our fashion design software is the epitome of providing the best personalization techniques for brands to enable them to increase their market reach and make a way into Gen Z’s hearts. The tool is well-equipped to accommodate suggestions put forth by your customers and makes their shopping experience unforgettable.


Apparel Design Software Enabling Brands to Indulge in Inclusive Fashion 


Gender-neutral or fluidity, as some may call it, had penetrated our culture a very long time ago. People are, therefore, starting to reject the old idea of dividing the apparel into men and women. They have moved on from what is now called a binary gender identity to gender inclusivity. We’ve been seeing a lot of inquiries into gender-neutral and gender-inclusive fashion lately and wanted to provide a one-stop-shop for brands that lie at the intersection of gender inclusion and sustainability.


According to a Mckinsey report, the fashion brands have realized that their call is now inclusivity and sustainability, the values favored by Gen Zs more than any other generations. How much ever the adoption of gender fluidity slows, brands realize its need in retail spaces to engage Gen Z shoppers. The facts show that the new trend has the potential to become the game-changer for the apparel businesses, but it is also essential to understand how these shifts in trends can benefit the labels and the consumers.

Here are a few benefits of incorporating gender-neutral in the apparel industry:

  • Cross-Buying Creates Inclusivity 

Everyone knows that today’s buyers are more expressive and never shy away from speaking their minds. Fashion inclusivity is a medium where they can really express themselves more authentically. A true pioneer in the gender-neutral retail space, Rob Smith, launched New York store The Phluid Project in 2018, producing his gender-neutral clothing and creating an inclusive community for gender-nonconforming customers.


In fact, many brands, including Zara, Adidas, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Haider Ackerman, and Moda Operandi, are coming up with gender-equal collections. More notably, a crop of new brands like Agender and Rebrand has popped up to cater to consumers who don’t want to be told their men’s or women’s fashion.

Similarly, the digital fashion pro, a customization solution, allows brands to cater to customers’ needs for inclusivity as they can freely design their apparel. The tool enables clothing businesses to empower your consumers to dress as they want.


  • Gender Fluidity Fits Modern Shoppers Attitude Better 


In a 2020 survey, Vice Media found that as many as 41 percent of Gen Z respondents identify as neutral on the gender spectrum. The study depicts that modern shoppers don’t want to be associated with or confined to gender fixed apparel. Thus, they are free-willed and appreciate brands that take measures to ensure that they cater to these demands. It is high time that fashion manufacturers and retailers move beyond boxes and binaries. Shoppers ignore clothing labels and gendered sections and purchase products that are outside their gender or cross-buy stuffs.


When luxury retailer Browns launched its East London outpost in Shoreditch, gender-neutral retail was a natural choice. At the Browns Mayfair flagship, Petersson had noticed women were happy to enter the men’s section, but only a small number of men would venture into womenswear.


The Ball is in Your Court- 


From the facts mentioned above and figures, it is evident that the gender-neutral trend is here to stay, and in a way, it is only benefitting the apparel brands. As they can now manufacture clothes that aren’t bounded by any genders and are inclusive. Besides these trends, customization is another way to cater to these demands and woo customers. The 3d clothing design software by iDesigniBuy is stepping for all companies who are willing to take a step in the direction of gender-inclusive clothes to buyers. The advanced tool can let their users create their independent fashion style and become trendsetters in the apparel market.


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