How can jewelry design software help brands get a breakthrough?

Advancements in technology have affected every component of our lives. Its presence has influenced the way we work to what we wear. Hence, it won’t surprise you to know that advanced technologies have opened up new opportunities even for the jewelry sector. Though many a time, it gets unnoticed because not everyone is aware of this fact. Jewelry design software is a customization tool that allows users to customize or create their jewelry design online. Provided, brands need to install the software on their website.  

Online jewelry design software is revolutionizing Jewelry Design 

In the fast-fashion era, the luxury industry and fashion brands are moving forward to adopting new technologies and trends to lure customers. Though the abrupt disturbance created by COVID-19 has affected jewelry sales in 2020, but this doesn’t mean that jewelry brands should leave hopes.   

To help in keeping your hopes high, we would like to discuss TOI’s initiative. The Times Best Practices Kolkata 2020, by Times Group, took the initiative to recognize and appreciate the leading brands from different sectors that managed to thrive and survive amid this pandemic. The name that tops the list was Lalchnd Jewellers, Bhubaneswar.  

Now let’s talk about the pointers on how online jewelry design software is revolutionizing Jewelry Design  

1. Addresses the rising demands for Sustainable Jewellery   

In 2020, Sustainable Jewellery is finally top of the agenda. If you are looking forward to supporting sustainability and providing your buyers with the customization solution, this is the time to install jewelry design software on your website.  

Many renowned jewelry brands are supporting this noble cause and increasing their sales. Let’s discuss some of them below:     

    • Catbird is a female-owned and operated jewelry brand that produces all of its jewelry in its Brooklyn studio to minimize manufacturing waste.   


    • Monica Vinader is another jewelry brand added to the list that has made radical shifts toward sustainability. Recently, they had designed their first-ever collection made from 100% recycled silver. Their jewelry collections are proof that ethical sourcing and sustainable fashion can live in perfect harmony.  


  • Lebrusan Studio, one of the leading names in the jewelry sector, is devoted to offering jewelry that can be both beautiful and kind to the earth. They use a plethora of recycled metals to create a perfect piece of jewel that you can’t stop looking at.   

By integrating the software on your website, you allow and encourage your customers to choose sustainable materials to design their jewel. Some of the sustainable materials are Fairtrade gold, Fairmined ecological gold, Recycled diamonds, etc.  

2. In-built jewelry-specific templates  

The in-built jewelry specific templates have all the technical components that can ease your customers’ designing process. They will be allowed to be creative while designing their perfect ring, necklace, etc. The template will let users create every small component like earring backs and minor details, thus allowing them to show their creative side while customizing the unique piece.  

3. Photorealistic modeling  

Since jewelry is a visual medium, a jewelry design 3D software will show your customers the exact figure of what their design will look like in the real world. They can get a flawless view of the product, allowing them to spot any problems before clicking on that buy button. This will ultimately save you the heartache of discovering any errors in the final product.  

4. High resolution  

As a jewelry brand, you very well know the importance of high resolution when it comes to selecting any jewelry. The online jewelry design software makes it possible for customers to have a detailed look at the designed jewelry in a high resolution. It allows them to have a check on every minute detail as clear as if it were ten feet tall.  

5. Simple interface  

Your customers can easily find any kind of tools and features to get the best-customized jewelry. Users can put the maximum time in designing rather than learning the tool, as every option is easily searchable to make the designing process a seamless experience.  

The call is yours  

Keeping in mind the love for sustainable jewelry and how jewelry design software can help your brand get a breakthrough, we have complied with this informative blog.  

If you are willing to make the most of the technological advancement to grow your sales, you must give your customers the privilege of jewelry design online.   

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