Athletic Apparel Design Software Allows Brands to Cater Female Players

For years, athletic products for women were simply designs for men in smaller sizes and more feminine colors. Many companies didn’t focus or consider women at all, even when products, retail experiences, and marketing messages were being created. But the inception of customization helped the female athletes to voice their choices and wear what they are comfortable with. Our custom high school sports apparel works on similar lines and allows women and schoolgirls to try on sportswear that they are most comfortable with.



Athletic Apparel Design Software Help Catering Demands of Women Players


As discussed in the above paragraph, in the past, women had to take the hand-me-downs from the men’s wardrobe and make them work. Even Matt Powell, a sports industry analyst at the NPD Group, seconds the notion. But today, the ‘shrink it and pink it’ strategy no longer works. “Now [the female consumer] knows that brands can make women-specific products and she’s demanding that they do so,” he further quoted.


Let’s have a look how the customized sports apparel is booming for women:


  • Rising Competition Among Leading Brands


Though things are changing now as many businesses have taken heed. Mainstream sportswear players like Adidas and Under Armour now feature women in their marketing campaigns and are developing lines that women want to wear. But is it too late? As more women buy into the sportswear sector, more brands are competing for a place in the market, and there is greater access to affordable, trend-led athletic gear at the likes of Asos and Amazon. There is competition from women-focused activewear brands like Lululemon and Sweaty Betty, as well as newer rivals like Ultracor and Outdoor Voices.




Health and Fitness Surges the Sportswear Demand

Since we live in the pandemic era, none of the countries has developed a vaccine to cure it. Therefore, the only thing that could keep everyone healthy is exercise and a fitness regime for which athleisure is required. And Under Armour has been firm on one thing over the past few years, it’s the brand’s purpose: performance apparel. Now, it seems not even a pandemic can cause Under Armour to reconsider. “We are centered in athletic performance,” Frisk said on the retailer’s first-quarter earnings call last week, according to an Under Armour transcript. “There’s no change to this purpose, and now, even more clearly, as the world continues to persevere through these challenging times, health, fitness, and wellness are even more center stage.

The uniform design online will allow your customers to design their athletic apparel and combat the deadly virus by building immunity.


New Partnerships Are Forming 

The designer Paolina Russo‘s relationship with Adidas has since developed after they first joined forces last year. The designer now has two upcoming collections with the sportswear brand. While those collections are still under wraps, Russo shared that one will be tied to the now postponed Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The other will see Russo put her own twist on classic Adidas Originals silhouettes. The designer previewed a look from one of her upcoming Adidas collaborations—look three, a checkered crop top and leggings set—and debuted new footwear styles made in partnership with the brand.


Another joint venture between Guillermo Andrade and Arsenal shook the entire world For Andrade; football has always been a deeply felt personal passion, right up there with fashion. They both have teamed up to design Arsenal’s men’s and women’s teams in custom suiting designed by Andrade in his new capacity as the organization’s official Formalwear Partner.



Athleisure was booming long before the pandemic forced consumers to work and do pretty much everything else from home. Now, the comfort economy, and athleisure with it, is coming out in full force, as consumers turn to sweatpants, yoga pants and leggings to replace their everyday workwear.  The online kit designer by iDesigniBuy will help your buyers to design their entire kit for sports events and gym. Though for a very long time, women were behind men in terms of their costume, shoes, and other essential materials, with personalization gaining momentum in the sportswear industry, the entire landscape changed.


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