How Furniture Customization Software is a Solution to Eco-Friendly Furniture?

The idea of sustainable furniture has grabbed customers’ attention for a long time. Today customers are interested in buying the sustainable product. Big industry, economic pressure, and customers’ demands are the reasons to trigger the idea of buying eco-friendly furniture. Buyers are smart enough to make a responsible choice and help furniture brands keep a proper balance between the environment and their sales. Our furniture customization software is a solution to sustainable furniture, as it operates on the same notion and allows brands to adopt customization solutions.   

Stat says that the global eco-friendly furniture market size was valued at USD 35.2 billion in 2019. The surge in demand for adopting sustainable materials in the furniture making process is driving the market. Even the increasing influx of Gen Z and millennial consumers purchasing sustainable furniture is likely to drive the market in the forecast period.  


How furniture brands are supporting sustainable furniture?  

Looking at history, we find that there was a trend of building furniture with low-quality materials and prioritizing the quantity. But now things have changed. Today many furniture companies are prioritizing the production of sustainable furniture. For example 

  • Ikea, a furniture retail company, situated in the Netherlands, sources 80% of its wood from recycled or Forest Stewardship Council certified sources. The brand is trying to reach 100% sustainable sourcing for all of its wood.  


  • Wehlers, a Danish company, is involved in making modern furniture using sustainable and recycled materials. For example, one of their products, R.U.M. chair, is entirely made of recycled steel and recycled ocean plastic (from discarded fishnets).  


  • Loll Designs is one of the brands involved in making modern, recycled outdoor furniture. Their furniture is waterproof, made of 100% recycled materials. Loll usually use recycled single-use milk jugs material to create furniture with a colorful modern flair. 

What Makes Furniture Sustainable? 

Below discussed are the points that make furniture sustainable 

  • Use of Natural Materials: Materials are the most important criteria to look forward to when choosing furniture. The FSC certification and sustainably harvested wood; recycled, reused materials, reclaimed, and rapidly renewable materials, support eco-friendly furniture. Many renowned brands use natural materials like wool, cotton, and solid wood. 


  • No Unnecessary Toxins: By avoiding the use of any unnecessary toxins that can harm the health of workers, customers, and the environment, one can look forward to sustainability. Like previously, manufacturers used to make comfy sofas fire retardant or used to apply a layer of standard stain repellents coat on top of the fabrics. But now things have changed. 


  • Quality & durabilityBuying such furniture that stands the test of time. Brands supporting eco-friendly furniture usually use 100 percent natural wood instead of plywood. To avoid plywood’s harmful chemicals, today, eco-friendly sofa uses clear coats, paints, and glues that are all low/ zero-VOC. 


  • Manufacturing practices: Eco-brands using clean energy and minimizing energy and waste are more likely to support sustainable furniture. 

How furniture customization software will support eco-friendly furniture?  

Promotes Transparency 

Often, it happens that consumers looking forward to buying eco-friendly furniture aren’t aware of the total transparency of the material used. Customers lack to make an informed purchase. To overcome this issue, we offer you one of the best furniture software that allows your customers to design their unique, customized furniture online. This will enable their designing process to be transparent, ultimately making them trust your products and services.   

Websites like Fernish, and Mobley provide convenience and flexibility of sustainability.  

Provide options to choose materials  

When the furniture was expensive, the price of a chosen piece was directly connected to the techniques used to fabricate it and the quality of materials used. Here the expense was relatively transparent. But to ensure the price stays right, many a time it happens that manufacturers downgrade the materials used and make their profits. By using our custom furniture design software, your customers get complete control over the quality, and there are the chances that the product will not decay quickly and will prevent them from throwing it. As a result, they would prefer to buy your products.  

Overcoming the present needs  

As COVID-19 has encouraged people to work from home, it triggers the need to have a customized chair and table to spend quality working hours at their home workstation. In this scenario, brands must let the customers choose what fits better for them. The best 3D software for furniture design integrated on your website will allow them to customize their comfortable pieces and place orders. If you are into a business to let people rent or even purchase, then you mustn’t ignore this advancement. Even brands like ZZ Driggs and Feather are making the most of it.


Wrapping up  

Many renowned furniture companies have already joined the league to invest in sustainable furniture. The increasing demand for eco-friendly furniture is fueling the market for sustainable furnishing. The custom furniture design software of iDesigniBuy will show ways to the brands to move towards eco-friendly solutions.   

The software is designed to meet consumers’ needs and can participate in increasing your brands’ sales.  

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