Custom Design Shoes Help Brands to Adopt New Strategies for Growth in the Luxury Market

There is nothing like providing comfortable, stylish, and funky footwear, and when your customers can design them on their own, it works as an added benefit. The unique pair of shoes always help customers get noticed as it is seen as a symbol of originality and self-expression and gradually become more accessible to the masses. On a similar concept, we offer a robust business solution, online shoe design software that comes with the built-in feature of customization, allowing your buyers to design their pair of footwear whenever, wherever, and however they want. The personalization enables them to imprint any text, image, or clipart in the most seamless possible way.

Custom Design Shoes Help Brands to Adopt New Strategies for Growth in the Luxury Market


Custom Design Shoes Enabling Footwear Brands to Revamp Their Business Model


As we are approaching the new year, many shoe brands must be focusing on the new trends that will help them garner more revenue and a turning point for many of the talented shoe designers that have already joined the movement. All it takes is a few clicks, ideas, and a will and the skill to create beautiful custom sneakers, whether they be custom Air Force Ones or other custom Vans or Adidas sneakers. Many awesome artists have already started their journey. And as streetwear is gaining huge traction from customers, it is imperative that the footwear market naturally grow.  Streetwear, declared “dead” by Off-White founder Virgil Abloh this time last year, has surged during the pandemic.
A lot has been written about the growing phase of customization, but a little heed is being paid to what could be its future in the face of pandemic and changing shopping behavior. Let us look at various factors that are shaping the future of the fashion and luxury industry.


Here are some elements that are propelling the growth of the footwear industry:


  • Recognition from Big Brands 


Sustainability has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. People had been dumping their products in the landfills and causing huge environmental pollution. In fact, a long-time brand was criticized for promoting fast-fashion that create serious environmental problems. Earlier, the fashion industry was accounted for the significant contribution of pollution among other sectors. The primary reason was the dumping of off-season products, which led to some other environmental problems. Therefore, many organizations have come forward to acknowledge the steps taken by other brands to make the Earth safer for the coming generations. LA sneaker brand Clae has announced the launch of its first-ever cactus leather sneaker in collaboration with Desserto, the 2020 Green Product Award winner. The ‘Bradley’ sneaker is 100 percent organic vegan cactus leather, which is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The packaging is also created from recycled cardboard.
The footwear brands are picking up on recycled and eco-friendly materials as the damaging effects of the footwear production process come to light. And these recognitions work as governing- bodies to help footwear brands and compels them to take their social and environmental duties seriously.  These organizations show paths to the start-ups and show them how they should work since before they come in the limelight and are criticized for not being eco-friendly enough. Hence, sustainability starts with making a real difference, and it has to be a priority for every one of us. On a similar line, our design your own sneakers online helps your company to stick with the original plan to succeed in the luxury market while keeping your ethical and sustainable measures in check.

  • Innovation Keeps Brands Going 


Innovation is key to survival in the luxury market, and therefore many brands leave no stone unturned to maintain their dominance in the industry. Keeping this in mind, Balenciaga has released a new ugly shoe. And by the name ugly, don’t underestimate its design. The brand hopes to recreate its Triple S sneaker’s hype and profits, which first launched in 2017, with a new, urgh, five-toe rubber sock. The creator of one of the world’s most successful luxury footwear designs is planning to woo their customers by forming a partnership with the Italian rubber sole producer Vibram, famous for its FiveFinger model, where toes separate the front of the shoe.
The company’s Toe collection is gradually making its way onto multiple social media channels and in stores with USP being footwear with 5-finger toe and recycled knit socks. These features depend on the model, preformed square heel, or suspended sole. Each model of the limited edition bears the logos of both companies and is numbered. It should not come as news to stakeholders in the footwear industry that Balenciaga to be Kering’s fastest-growing luxury brand in 2018, with millennials driving demand.

  • New Trends Surge Shoe Demand 


The streetwear is gradually is preferred apparel, all courtesy to working remotely and rising millennial comfort style. These trends too crucial to be ignored, and as a result, no brand ever wants to take the risk of displeasing their buyers and not listening to their needs. The launch of the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration was a step taken in the direction of attracting more audiences from the lot. Eventually, high-end brands, like Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Burberry, have adopted aspects of the streetwear business model, using product drops, scarcity, and logomania to drive consumer demand, particularly among younger generations, while collaborating with streetwear brands like Supreme, Stüssy or Bape to drive interest.
Now adjacent to mid-market skate brands, such as VF Corp-owned Vans and Dickies, Supreme is focused on its skatewear origins. Supreme is seeking opportunities to cater to only the luxury side of the fashion industry; instead, it is focusing on the total domain that falls under the category of active athleisure and outdoor wear. Such wide scope chances are enabling the brand to navigate its way through the luxury market, and their biggest tool in meeting these high demands is their deep connection with customers. Supreme’s focus on skate culture could help maintain the faith of its loyal fanbase despite the sale, as Gen Z consumers increasingly seek streetwear that ties them to a cultural event or community; they want scarcity based on “being there,” not price.


  • Change in Administration Might Bring Some Good News to the Fashion Technology Sector 

Last week the US president was declared, and with it, many fashion experts are hoping for changes in the way fashion was looked upon. Several experts believe that a Biden administration would be a mixed bag for fashion and technology. They are hoping that the government would put in place the policy plans and boost fashion-tech start-ups, which is significant news for the investors. A possible increase in the Facebook advertising costs on greater regulation and Amazon’s private-label business and Google’s dominance under scrutiny, as these are the roadmaps suggested in the past interviews.
The cost of advertising on social media platforms may increase for fashion if, as indicated, there is greater responsibility added to social media platforms to police their content. From the past interviews, the new government has cleared its intention, and we can hope that the new norms would focus on preventing bias and giving equal opportunities for all to grow in the fashion sector. We could see new regulations focused on preventing bias, such as racial bias in data sets, would help even the small-scale businesses thrive in the fashion domain.


Summing up the Blog- 
The blog was written to enlighten the footwear manufacturers and retailers about the changing landscape of the luxury industry and how it can benefit them if they adopt the right strategies in the right course of time. A lot is happening in the world, such as political front changing, environmental pollution rising, trends and shopping patterns changing, and many others. All these factors can take a toll on a brand’s revenue and image if it doesn’t go with the flow and adhere to the changing time’s changing needs. But in all these scenarios, only a customization solution like customize shoes online by iDesigniBuy can keep brands’ business going. The tool is well-designed to enable companies to thrive in the footwear/luxury market with its unique features and never seen before styles and designs. The made-to-measure software is a leading name in fashion and is the epitome of combing fashion and technology that brings the best of both worlds.
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