How Shoe Designer Helps Brands to win the Sustainable Fashion ?

Since the beginning of fashion, humans have been taking various useful resources from nature to make apparel and footwear. But as time passed, these limited resources soon began to deplete and polluted the Earth. The fashion and luxury companies soon had to check their actions and adopt solutions that could safeguard the environment.  This gave rise to customization, allowing brands to give their buyers the freedom to design their preferred product. The custom design shoes offer similar functions to footwear brands with their digital solutions and enable them to embrace sustainability and offer eco-friendly products to buyers.  

Shoe Designer Offers Solutions to Grapple with the Carbon Emission Issue  

The increasing concerns about environmental issues have been the greatest driving force for brands to adopt strategies in the ecommerce domain than before. Many leading luxury companies have been doing their bit to reduce the burden on nature; however, some areas still need to addressed by the brands, including the use of leather as a material. Certain brands are charging premium prices for the higher price for organic material used while manufacturing the footwear, and customers are buying it. This shows that some consumers are prepared to pay more in order to have peace of mind about their purchases. However, some brands leather companies say it would be wasteful not to use leather given it is a natural byproduct of the meat industry. A new assessment questions that.   

Vegan has moved beyond food preferences, and it is now influencing people’s fashion choices as well. According to Collective Fashion Justice, it would be better for the world if even a byproduct of the meat industry were left to rot in a landfill rather than processed into the material used for shoes and handbags. The research brings an interesting topic to the table as many companies heavily invest in industries that utilize leathers, while some feel the need to reduce their carbon footprints.  

In addition, implementing digital technology also enables brands to grapple with the current problem. They can help footwear brands to keep track of the manufacturing and selling of quality-based products. Likewise, our 3D shoe design online enables shoes producers and retailers to precisely manufacture a product as ordered by the customer using 3d technology. 

Let us look at various reasons why brands need to reconsider the use the leather or any other byproduct of the meat industry. 

  • Causes Environmental Pollution  

When shoe designer talk about reducing their carbon footprint, they may sometimes ignore the fact that leather is the biggest carbon footprint. It has a relatively bigger share of carbon emission as far as the materials are concerned. Besides, the tanning process eludes many harmful chemicals that are dangerous for workers and the environment.  

It can be argued that even vegan fashion is mostly dependent on the petroleum industry, which is not a very viable sustainable option. However, many experts in the fashion industry believe that vegan is still a better option than leather. It is least wasteful, most durable, and fits the notion of “buy less but buy better.” Many budding luxury and lifestyle houses are investing heavily in these novel solutions and trying to do their bit to make this world a better place. For example, a new brand Oncept is also considering the environment when it comes to packaging. All of its shoes are shipped without the use of tissue or plastic materials inside the box. Instead, the brand uses a box made from recycled packaging, and the shoes are placed in a reusable organic tote.  

  • Leads to Animal Agriculture 

We can’t turn our heads around the fact that leather is a material made from an animal. Many scientists are continuously advising the fashion world to shift away from animal agriculture. Several companies pay heed to these callings and change their bottom line either due to environmental or ethical reasons. In fact, as perLyst, the global fashion search platform, the searches for “vegan leather” has gone up by 69 per cent, which in turn increases the demand for “eco vegan leather.” After testing the waters, numerous brands are inclined towards relaunching themselves and improving their brand value among the buyers. Here is the example of an American brand Reformation, which has reintroduced its shoe collection with a lineup of 15 styles focusing on three key elements. These include leather traceability, plastic reduction and product end-of-life. The brand offers a selection of dress shoes that are also 100 per cent recyclable through a partnership with Looptworks.  


Towards the end of the blog, it would be appropriate to conclude that as an industry expands, it is bound to ignore and disbalance nature. However, every brand’s responsibility is to make sure that they meet every demand of consumers with innovative styles but should never harm the environment in the process. The custom made shoes online by iDesigniBuy works in a similar direction and offers robust business solutions to fashion houses, enabling them to be at the top of their game while also ensuring the environment is safe for future generations.  

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