Exploring the Best Product Design Software for Creative Mastery

Staying and working from home has impacted the fashion and luxury market in ways beyond one’s imagination. The data across many consulting firms reveal that people are more drawn towards ecommerce business. The online platform offers customers a broad range of choices to select from, and they can even browse through various other websites for shopping. Consequently, the fashion and accessories brands must learn new strategies to hold the attention of their buyers. The best product design software operates on similar lines and enables brands to explore and leap the hidden opportunities in online fashion commerce. The tool is designed to accommodate all your businesses needs and deliver an easy-to-use- interface to buyers through which they can seamlessly design their apparel, headgear, footwear, jewelry, and other accessories.  

Best Product Design Software Enables Fashion Brands to Leverage the Current Trends  

As life return to normal, people find it difficult to adjust to the changing environment. However, there is one thing that has unimpacted is their online shopping behavior. As per the statistics provided by Dressipi revealed shoppers are continuing to make purchases online instead of in-store, with around 30 per cent growth online year on year. The facts make it appear that the more people stayed at home, the more brands earned profits. The reopening of the stores and consumers not visiting it makes it clear that offering ecommerce services to them is the only option to thrive in the fashion market.  

If you are wondering how to cater to the changed consumer behavior, you have come to the right destination. In the current blog, we will highlight how brands can turn their businesses into more robust ecommerce platforms to garner more profit.  

Here are ways you can propel in the fashion and luxury sector: 

  1. Capitalizing on Emerging Technology  

Technology is the most vital part of our lives. It impacts us in a way that we can’t even begin to imaging our lives without it. Mobile phones and all the latest gadgets have transformed our lives, and the internet, along with technology, has played a big role in it. With each passing day, we come across a solution that blows our minds and is mobile-responsive, which makes it easier for the user and enables brands to hold on to their loyal buyers for a longer time. For example, global banking, payments, and shopping service Klarna has launched a new shopping feature enabling customers to pay in instalments at any retailer, irrespective of whether or not it offers the services. 

The new feature allows people to shop at any e-retailer and use Klarna’s pay-in- 3 and spread-out payments through three-interest free instalments directly in the app. These features will attract more buyers to make payment online and, as a result, will boost the online economy. Such anecdotes will inspire other ecommerce businesses to use technology that can help them flourish in the online marketplace.  

Likewise, the product configurator tool enables brands to offer the latest digital solutions to their audiences and help them design their fashion products in the most seamless possible way. We helped the US-based ecommerce giant, FPS Apparel, to integrate our hoodie design tool that enabled their end-users to customize fabric, logo, and color on the hoodie and allow them to preview it before placing an order. The customers were able to buy and design a hoodie as per their body measurement and fashion sense.  

  • Investing in Omnichannel Approach  

As technology continues to influence our decision-making and shopping behavior, it is essential for brands to keep a tap on them. The advancing IT solutions make it possible for the fashion houses to stay connected with the buyers 24*7 and do business round the clock. These trends indicate the overpowering influence of the omnichannel approach and enable them to shop from various touchpoints. Working in a similar direction, Pinterest has launched its new ‘Shopping List’ feature to make it easier for users to save the products they want to buy. The social media platform aims to expand its online presence and earn more revenue, as users are more likely to purchase products they have saved. The new ‘Shopping List’ feature saves all product pins automatically into one place, making it easier for them to come back and shop the items when they’re ready to buy. 


From the success stories mentioned above, it is evident that the fashion and best product design software market is rapidly evolving, and if the brands fail to catch up with it, they might fall flat in the industry. We wrote this blog intending to help you realize the changing business dynamics and help you to lead in the online sector. The 3D product configurator by iDesigniBuy enables fashion brands to grow their business in the ecommerce domain and integrate new features in their website to leverage the latest trends in the market.  

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