Shoe Design Software: A Solution to Decrease Carbon Footprint

Environmental pollution is a concern that needs to be taken into consideration on priority. Online shoe design software can be the solution to decrease carbon footprint. As the name suggests, it is a shoe customization tool that allows customers to customize shoes online, ensuring a decrease in carbon footprint.   

Reports suggest that 700M metric tons of carbon dioxide are emitted by footwear industries every year, equivalent to about 80,775,444 homes using energy in one year. If we discuss the manufacturing process: 

    • In 2018, footwear manufacturers produced an estimated 23.3+ billion pairs of shoes worldwide.  


  • In 2019, China was the world’s leading footwear producer with approx. 13.5 billion pairs of shoes. 

We understand that the global footwear market is a multi-billion U.S. dollar industry. Countries like China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam are the leading footwear manufacturing countries. They accounted for over 75% of footwear production worldwide as of 2019. As per the MIT-led life-cycle assessment, each pair accounts for emitting 30 pounds of carbon dioxide.  


The above shows the adverse effect done to the environment while extracting, acquiring raw materials, and during the manufacturing process. But the good news is that many renowned brands seek innovative and sustainable materials to make shoe production greener. From eucalyptus trees to pineapple husks, the footwear industry uses new materials to produce custom sustainable shoes.  

Native Shoes, a Canadian shoe company, says that their product process will be 100 percent life cycle managed by 2023.


With this, let’s discuss the brands that are supporting a reduction in carbon emissions.  

Adidas and Allbirds collaboration  

Adidas and Allbirds had collaborated to develop sports shoes that can produce one of the lowest carbon footprints ever recorded. The two biggies will work together to utilize and create regenerative practices and renewable materials to decrease their products’ carbon footprint. The average running shoe has approx. 13.6 kg of carbon dioxide. Allbirds is using a Life Cycle Assessment tool to calculate the carbon impact of every process across the value chain. 


Puma, a Germany-based sports company, has aimed to reduce 35% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.  

Cynthia Cummis, Director of Private Sector Climate Mitigation at WRI’s Business Center, said, “We need more companies in the industry to follow PUMA’s lead and pursue comprehensive strategies to decarbonize and do their part to prevent catastrophic climate change.”  


Rothy’s, a San Francisco-based Rothy’s shoe company that branched out into making handbags in 2020, creates sensible flats out of recycled plastic water bottles. The brand claims to have recycled more than 32 million water bottles. The below post represents the same.



Nike, an American multinational corporation, has taken a bold step to reimagine solutions for critical environmental problems. Here’s a post from their bucket. 



And many such fashion brands are stepping ahead to support sustainability without compromising on the comfort level of the products produced.  

The custom design shoes can support the love for sustainable fashion. If you are a footwear brand willing to support sustainability and drive more sales, then let the buyers customize shoes online.  

Let’s check out the features of custom shoe design software.   

Features of online shoe design software  

Online shoe design software offers varieties of features that can create the perfect pair of shoes. The following are the features: 

    • Customers can customize different types of shoes like slippers, boots, sandals, etc.  


    • Preloaded library to choose the fabric, designs, pictures, symbols, etc.  


    • Angle rotation feature to provide a better preview.  


    • 3D shoe design online facility ensures better results and visualization.  


  • Option to design every part (even tiny) of the shoes like toe, insole, outsole, laces, etc.  

Last words 

With the above information, it is clear that brands need to stop the fashion industry’s wrongdoings. Be it apparel or shoe manufacturers; every sector has to support sustainable fashion. Together we should take a stand to reduce carbon emissions while creating the highest performance products. iDesigniBuy’s online shoe design software helps brands to cut-down their carbon footprints and step towards sustainable fashion. 

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