T-shirt Design Software: Saving Brands’ Ships from Sinking in the Fashion Industry

The luxury job market crunch is hurting entry-level, retail, and production positions. But recruiters say while brands are pausing job openings, they’re still hiring to cover emerging needs as the pandemic shifts priorities. The stores were shut, the sales were low, and many leading brands filed for bankruptcy, in such conditions, hiring and paying regular employees would be difficult. Therefore, we present you, custom t-shirt software, a customization tool that helps brands sail through any turbulent times. Its relevant solutions, along with its mobile responsive layout, will enable apparel companies to do business anytime and anywhere.

 T-shirt Design Software Saving Brands’ Ships from Sinking in the Fashion Industry


T-shirt Design Software Helps Brands Sail Through Rough Days


According to figures gathered by the Vogue Business Magazine, The British Fashion Council released data from Oxford Economics in July predicting 840,000 jobs in fashion would be lost in the UK; the CFDA reported 1.7 million jobs lost in fashion in April. Open job listings at Dior and Hermès have decreased by 54 percent and 50 percent between May and July.

With such disturbing numbers soaring the fashion market, people working in it find it extremely difficult to survive. When there is a will, there is a way, keeping this mind, brands must find an alternative to save their lifeboats afloat.


Here are some ways to reduce financial tension among the leading apparel labels:

  • Seek Online Opportunities 


A growing number of luxury customers are shopping online, calling for more robust digital and data skills within the workforce. Growth in Asia, particularly mainland China, also means increasing capacity in those regions for some. Yes, it is understandable to achieve this target brand that needs to hire qualified personnel to do the job, but instead, they also implement the right strategy and technology that will take them long. And with rising online shopping trends, they won’t have to worry about the cash inflow. The t-shirt design tool plays on similar ground. It allows brands to make the full use of online opportunities, such as customization, as your buyers can seamlessly design their apparel.



Luxury recruiters also report several smaller areas where roles are being sought, including diversity and the development of bespoke services for high-net-worth individuals. As these roles increase in demand and others, like production and retail positions, are streamlined, the makeup of luxury brands is shifting.

  • Join Hands with Other Brands 


It is evident that more than a big fashion house has been the freelancer artists, and small and medium-sized companies have suffered the most. In this scenario, coming together, joining forces, and taking care of each other would help everyone, we can combat the crisis with much more power and efficiency. Many artists are looking for new opportunities to provide a financial safety net over the coming months and beyond. Take the case of Redbubble and TeePublic, who have been working together to empower more independent artists to turn their passion into profit and bring more creativity into the world.

  • Realize the Significance of IT in Fashion 


We live in the twenty-first century and still argue whether or not we need Information & Technology in the fashion industry. Yes, we need it.  Companies should recruit for roles in e-commerce, including performance marketers and e-merchandisers, which, while not new.  This will ensure they have the right IT systems in place and a better sense of customer data as these two are substantially increased. Look at Adidas, who efficiently used the ecommerce trends to double its sale in the challenging second quarter.

Similarly, Ralph Lauren has begun a “long-term partnership” with Snap, starting with the first-ever mix-and-match, branded wardrobe designed for Bitmoji, the personalized cartoonish digital avatars, in a bid to attract a younger customer.



Take an Informed Decision-

Though there are a handful of people available to do the job, the senior management of leading apparel brands must not be dispirited. They have to hire someone better and some knowledgeable who is tech-savvy and understands consumers’ sentiments. There is much more reluctance to seek outside expertise when it comes to group or regional leadership roles, given the need to minimize risk in the current environment but are not left with many options. The t-shirt design software by iDesigniBuy holds expertise in providing one-stop solutions to brands that will ensure the money is put in the right place. The tool offers customization coupled with digital solutions to clothing firms that will allow their buyers to design their t-shirts easily, and it’s easy to use interface to make it possible to be accessed by any newbie.

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