Top 3 Ways Furniture Software Helps Brands in Conquering the Ecommerce Marketplace

The technological jargons like artificial intelligence, machine learning sometimes make our head spin. But don’t worry, you are not alone. Many furniture brands don’t realize how these technical terms can help them scale-up their businesses, and some know the full potential of technology.

And to bridge the gap between the two, we offer furniture customization software. This modern-day tool specializes in providing the latest solutions to brands and enables them to come at par with other brands.  The software helps brands gain consumer insight and offer solutions and services that they will remember forever.



Furniture Software Enabling Brands to Conquer Ecommerce with the Latest Technology


Today’s technology has the potential of changing facet of a furniture retailer and its marketing strategy, leading nurturing processes. The latest AI-driven data engines make it affordable and straightforward to integrate the interactive technology with an existing home furniture store’s website and digital accounts and deliver analytics reporting to retailers that quickly prove return on investment. AI technology uses data to mirror and enhance those personalized services offered in your home furnishings showroom, increasing your chances of converting more online leads.

If you are still unsure how this would help you, let us break it down into points and understand how it would take your business to new heights:


Here are some benefits of using AI in the furniture industry:


  • Helps in Giving Customizing Experience 


The latest technology can collect and analyze data and later use it to offer buyers customization experience and simultaneously automate the processes. Artificial intelligence taps into the collected data to serve up the best next step in the shopper’s buying journey, as well as automate and personalize everything from email nurturing to digital ads. Besides, with the help of technology, you can provide interactive tools to make the shopping experience with fun, targeted incentives, and recommended products that move them further down the sales funnel.


Furniture brands like Wayfair are using data and pictures to aid their buyers in furnishing their homes. It uses natural-language processing to both identify the intentionality behind a customer’s search and highlight top-rated products determined by its customer reviews.


  • Boosts Digital Marketing 


We understand it can be a nightmare for furniture manufacturers and retailers to track and determine ROI for numerous digital campaigns they run for branding. But if they install the right technology, such as furniture design software online, they can increase their customer reach effectively and efficiently. Additionally, the tool integrates ERP techniques that help manufactures and retailers to tell exactly where a website visitor came from and can track consumers across multiple platforms and devices and deliver more accurate reporting.


Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, is taking AI digital marketing one notch higher. They are launching an app based on AR that will enable customers to visualize IKEA products in their own homes.



  • Provides a Common Place to Communicate 


In the business, brands have several offline and online stores; buyers can come to any store, purchase, and leave. What is he buys from a store in Boston and wants to return to the Los Angeles store? If the brand doesn’t have a common platform, it would not be easy to replace or solve the customer’s query. In such conditions, they should operate on a cloud-based system where they can store all their data in one place and use it to communicate. With the help of AI, you can centralize the data gathered from a store’s online and offline marketing efforts, giving retailers a broader perspective on how each aspect of the business is truly performing and how they interconnect.


RoomAR targets retailers and manufacturers in the furniture and home furnishing industry. In collaboration with Idean, the platform will aim to bridge the gap between the online and offline world to provide a seamless transition between humans and technology.


Closing Comments-


With AI coming into the picture, retailers and manufacturers can understand their customer preferences and accordingly recommend suggestions. Artificial intelligence allows retailers to delve deeper into customer behavior and crack intent by providing actionable insights that combine transaction data, browsing data, and membership data. The online furniture design tool by iDesigniBuy enables brands to make the most of the latest technology and allow its customer to select, customize, and preview the furniture of their choice. The software helps you provide unique customer service, increase customer base, and loyalty that keeps coming back for more.


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