Custom T-shirt Design Tool Meets the Demand of Best-Selling T-Shirt Niches

You all must have heard or read the stories of T-shirt millionaires spreading around the web. One of those names is TJ Mapes, and two of his friends who made millions with their t-shirt design ideas. Today, their business has grown a lot and has given thousands of people the idea to make a good income by selling cool T-shirt designs using print on demand. Credence Research’s report of 2017 showed that the demand for the custom T-shirt printing market is anticipated to cross USD 10 billion by 2025.  

Though the print on demand market is growing but is not as easy as it sounds, this is so because it is next to impossible to guess which type of design will click the customers. As a t-shirt designer, you may find your design artistic, but your customers might disagree. Often it happens that when you think that you have found a good design, it might be too late to call it a trend. Hence, your ideas and designing skills may not always work. So, what is the solution? Give the driving seat to your customers. Yes, let them design their unique t-shirts on your website. Integrate your website with our custom t-shirt design tool and watch your apparel business grow.  

Custom T-shirt Design Tool Meets the Demand of Best-Selling T-Shirt Niches

What is Custom T-shirt Design Tool?  

A custom t-shirt design tool is a customization/personalization software that allows your customers to design their own t-shirt online. The software can be installed on your website and make your customers’ t-shirt designing process smooth. They can access various in-built designing features, which are per the latest trend.  

Surely, they will love to put on something unique designed as per their imagination and fashion quotient.  

Meet the demand of best-selling t-shirt niches with t-shirt design software  

Without knowledge of your target audience’s preferences, you cannot think of thriving as a winner. As a result, many end up wasting a lot of their time and money designing attires that won’t sell. To avoid that situation, we will cover some of the best-selling t-shirt niches that will surely attract many customers and encourage them to design one.  

T-shirt design ideas that will help brands in becoming more customer-centric  

  • Pets attire 

Pet lovers are crazy about their pets. Undoubtedly, they treat them as family members and try to give similar treatment as they give their mom, dad, siblings, etc. This is why the pet industry is worth $95 billion a year, as per the American Pet Products Association data.  

Brands like H&M, Hunkemöller, Primark, River Island, Ralph Lauren, and Hema produce clothing for dogs. And many other brands are venturing into the market of loyal four-legged friends, a constantly growing market 
People commonly consider pet attires for sub-niches like cats, dogs, or birds, but there’s also a market for large animals or uncommon pets like horses, wolves, lizards, and hedgehogs.  

  • Sustainable Sportswear

The old is gold coming true; people are shifting back to the roots, etc. etc. You must have heard many such statements in the past few months. Ever wondered why people are saying them? The answer is the ongoing and upcoming trend called “Sustainability.” These concepts are being talked about in terms of Fashion, especially. Though it existed long ago, the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought it in full-swing motion.   

This unexpected disease has broken many records and has introduced many positive effects on our lives and the environment. The inclination towards sustainable fashion is one of the positive effects.  

Demand for sustainable sportswear is the trend to follow. People are interested in putting their money on buying sustainable clothes to show off their interest in sports, hobbies, and lifestyle. Sports brands like Alcis, Nike, Adidas, etc. are providing an option for sustainable clothing 

  • Family and Relationships 

Another best-selling t-shirt niche is family and relationships. You might have seen t-shirts with quotes saying “World’s #1 Mom”, “Mommy To Be,” or thoughts, “Who would actually wear this?” etc. Nowadays, customers are quite interested in putting on such t-shirts showing their emotions about someone or their beliefs. This trend can be effortlessly addressed by using a t-shirt design tool. Be it any occasion or party night, wearing customized clothes as per the situation is the trend shoppers look forward to.   

As a fashion brand, staying aware of the fashion trend and giving your customers access to such trends can bring profits your way.   

Wrapping up  

The t-shirt design software is the best tool to encourage a love for custom clothes. Our custom t-shirt design tool has many advanced and latest features that can show your business the path towards success. For sure, you can outshine as the winner.  

iDesigniBuy’s t-shirt design software is a must-try tool.  

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