How Online Apparel Design Software Helps Striking a Chord with Millennials?

Gen Z, typically considered those born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s, holds a decisive role in shaping the future of luxury and fashion. Therefore, brands must ensure that these young buyers are given due attention and credit, and their demands should never go unheard. The clothing design software will help you to meet the needs of the customers and let them decide what they own.



Online Apparel Design Software Helps Striking Balance with Gen Z


According to management consultancy Bain & Company, this generation could make up 40 percent of luxury purchases by 2035, up by 4 percent from today. The generation, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, represents a significant part of luxury consumption. They are the driving force behind the luxury market growth, but brands are still struggling to capture the attention of these young consumers. According to the Wunderman Thompson Intelligence report, released in February, they conducted a survey with 4,500 respondents aged between 13 to 23 in nine Asian markets, including China, Japan, and Thailand. The study was undertaken to understand the behaviors and values that set Gen Z apart from their predecessors.

According to Yee Chen, the author of the report and APAC director at Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, believes that today’s generation wants to connect and identify with the brand. She was quoted saying, “This purpose can be as simple as a commitment to locally sourced materials, or local heritage and community.”  The brands must capitalize on these trends as consumers are looking for companies that promote body positivity or gender inclusivity. The brands who can advertise and present themselves as supporters of these two themes can strike a chord with Gen Z.


Here are the reasons why Millennials are fuelling the fashion market:


Digital Behaviour


As we know, this generation lives on digital technology. It won’t be incorrect to call them a digitally native generation who is used to shopping online. According to the survey, 88 percent of Gen Z consumers are as comfortable purchasing online as offline. In comparison, up to 97 percent say that, when given a choice, they prefer to make payments using a digital wallet.



Another quality of the younger population is that it relies on technology. And like a luxury, it is also a status signifier. Eighty-five percent of Gen Z shoppers feel that if they don’t own the newest version of digital devices, they are not cool, compared to 73 percent who think it is essential to own luxury brands.


The fashion design software is inbuilt with the latest customization technology where the young buyers can create their fashion sense through a digital platform. The brands can allow them to choose patterns from the previously designed clothes to mix and match the apparel with other garments.


Social Media 

Social Media plays a significant part in our lives, and posting pictures on Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, QQ, and Douyin, are their favorite apps to pass their time. According to the report by Chen, about 15 percent of people born after 2000 posts daily on WeChat.


Social Issues


As stated above, Gen Z consumers are often looking for brands that support causes they care about. A growing number are specifically concerned about environmental pollution and climate change, 30 and 23 percent, respectively. In comparison, a staggering 90 percent of young Chinese people say that today, men and women are pretty much equal and that gender doesn’t define a person as much as it used to.


The environmental concerns are also growing with the most significant threats of our time, such as environmental pollution, climate change, and online privacy breaches. Today’s buyers want things to change for the better and will be loyal to brands that align with their purpose.


Economic Concerns


Gen Z’s outlook on the economy is overall positive, with only 15 percent worrying about their country’s economy and 24 percent worrying about their future job prospects. The majority, 94 percent, is optimistic about being better off than their parents.


Closing Comments- 

To sum it up, the Asian market is gradually preparing itself for a better change, and its younger generation is pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry. The brands must lead and show the generation that you care for their demands. The clothing design software by iDesigniBuy will help manufacturers and retailers to capitalize on these demands with the latest customization solutions.

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