How Can Shoe Design Software Bring Together Technology and Environment?

When people think of a relationship between advanced technology and global sustainable measures, they immediately transport themselves to something to do with science—windmills, solar power panels, and many other things. They can hardly ever imagine the fashion industry taking up innovative solutions that help in grappling with the planet’s deteriorating situation or something to do with 3d printing technology to make custom-fit shoes. If this all seems unreal to you, then carefully read about a customization solution that can turn your buyers’ imagination into reality with its latest technological features. The custom shoe design software is well-designed to take your business to new heights and mark your luxury market presence.

 How Can Shoe Design Software Help Brands in Bringing Together Technology and Environment

Shoe Design Software Helping Brands to Bridge the Gap Among Themselves, Nature, and Buyers

Manufacturing just one pair of running shoes accounts for 30 pounds (13.61 kgs) of carbon dioxide emissions. Plus, the materials that are used for shoe production, such as leather, nylon, synthetic rubber, etc., are also damaging to the environment. Some experts found a 5,500-year-old leather shoe was discovered in a cave in Armenia in 2010. Recycling experts can’t say precisely how long it should typically take a shoe to decompose, but their estimate is around 50 years. If this is the situation we are in, then it would be unapologetic on our end not to address the issue and take necessary steps to stop the havoc conditions we are creating as an industry for the coming generations.


Not only this, but we have also seen how disregarding nature could impact us, and therefore we need to bridge the gap that exists among nature, brands, and customers. And since shopping from home has become the ‘new normal,” online and offline shopping needs to be brought together. Driven by the reality we are currently living in, consumer behavior is shifting rapidly and has become more digital than ever. To share a fun fact, experts say that we are now five years ahead of where we would generally be when it comes to digital shopping. In this world, the availability of merchandise has become more critical than ever.




Here are some ways how integrating technology into the business model could bring positive change in the luxury market:


  • Capitalizing on the Purposeful Buyers 


The onset of the pandemic pushed consumers out of their typical buying routines. According to McKinsey‘s research on consumer sentiment and buying behavior, shoppers swiftly adopted a digital way of life, focused on contactless or low-touch access to products and services. Think online shopping, as well as curbside pickup and digital payments in-store. And when this is the trend, why should brands waste their energy, providing excellent services in the offline stores where people are not ready to show up? The 3d shoe design online offers a similar set of solutions to brands and enables them to provide a novel and unique experience to customers and increase conversion rate. The tool offers the best solutions that make your customers’ journey purposeful.


  • Rising Demand for Sustainable Products 


The buyers have become more aware of a company’s policies, strategies, and products; therefore, it is impossible to fool them. In fact, these days, brands are coming up with more measures that cater to these demands and keep their CSRs intact. Recently, a German sportswear retailer, Adidas, has launched a new vegan and 100 percent sustainable pair of sneakers, the Clean Classics. The Clean Classics collection includes the Superstar, Stan Smith, Continental 80, and Supercourt styles, all of which are remade for 2020 with Adidas’ new pledge of commitment to ending plastic waste, according to a press release.




  • Amalgamating Omnichannel Strategies 


Like with the new consumer, there is a new breed of the retail store associate. Even though high-touch store services are off the table, for now, shoppers are still looking for trusted guidance. It is more important now than ever before that associates can super-serve every shopper. This means every store employee needs to be thoroughly trained as well as equipped with the right tools to make the most of every customer interaction.


Make a Wise Decision-


We must learn from our mistakes, and the current tide is the perfect time for changing during the drastic shifts. The luxury industry has an opportunity to learn from evolving consumer behaviors to set a new model of retail. It can be summed up with one word: omnichannel. The 3d shoe design software by iDesigniBuy allows brands to become a single entity with ecommerce, and help them cater to all customers’ demands.


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