Top 3 Benefits of Using Furniture Software for Furniture Brands

Customization has become an integral part of customers’ lives. Like apparel, furniture has always been a mode to flaunt their unique taste. Almost every buyer would like to own a customized product, and furniture is no exception. Vendors and retailers who are willing to attract more customers must-have furniture software installed on their website without second thoughts.   

Your potential customers would like to have customized furniture, and custom furniture software has a lot to offer as per their likings. Such software provides a plethora of configurations to give shoppers a great purchasing experience. Traditionally the customization process would take months to manufacture any customized design but thanks to furniture software for speeding up the process.  


Furniture software – A hope for Furniture Industries  

Digital technologies had led to a new era for every business. The way products are discovered, compared, and purchased has changed. When we think of making a purchase, we turn to our devices to be well informed about that particular product and make the right decision. This is true even for B2B companies.   

According to Global Market Insights, Wooden Furniture Market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of 5.7% from 2020 to 2026.  

CAD for furniture design has open doors to success for the tech-savvy furniture brands. Now let’s check out the benefits of having one.  

Benefits of Furniture Software for Furniture Brands  

Regardless of the ongoing chaos, custom furniture software can give cutting-edge to furniture brands as it resolves one of the most important concerns, which is bridging the offline gap.  

Here are the benefits: 

1. Engaging experience via 3D product visualization  

In the furniture industry, where product details and aesthetics significantly influence customers’ purchasing process, you need to take care of what you showcase. Today, every business buyer and even customers are digitally sound and expect not to compromise. “State of the Connected Customer” from Salesforce says: 

    • 89% of business buyers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.  


  • 82% of business buyers agree to pay more for a great experience. 

With this, you might have figured out the importance of providing a stunning view of your products. The furniture customization software offers a 3D visual effect. Your customers can easily enjoy the 3D look of the product they are looking forward to purchasing. This will leave no room for any confusion about the look and feel of the product.  

2. Product customization  

Furniture is one of those products where buyers make a personalized choice. By having furniture design software, you offer your customers a wide range of options. They can select different colors, fabrics, and finishes without asking for a real product. For example, a brand like Crate and Barrel allow their customers to filter fabrics by the following categories: 

    • Family-friendly  


    • Highly durable  


    • Stain-resistant  


    • Woven in the USA  


    • Velvet  


    • Easy care  


    • Linen look  


    • Textured  


  • UV resistant 

Such software is a must-to-have software for those brands that deal with a wide range of products with many variations. Thus, belonging to the furniture brand, it would be a plus point in your business as you can showcase various products while saving costs.  

3. Catalog  

The catalog has been a key element for furniture companies. Having furniture software, you get an in-built catalog that can be updated regularly. In this competitive world, it is quite essential to offer customers the latest customization options, and the furniture customization software has it all. Besides, your customers get accurate product specifications with quality visuals. An online catalog for furniture can convince your customers to repeat their purchase, and they would even love to suggest others to make a purchase. One of the furniture brands that uses 3D visuals for their product catalogs is Main Cottage.  

The choice is yours 

With the above pointers, it is clear that the upcoming decades will reward forward-thinking and tech-savvy companies who are willing to stay ahead of the competition. iDesigniBuy’s furniture software can help your brand to set up a strong foundation for future growth.  

Are you ready to join the bandwagon?  

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